Crowdsourcing – Tell us your actions, outcomes, experiences and impact

To promote accountability, develop an evidence base, and foster collective action, we encourage users of our Free Manual to share their committed actions, outcomes and impact on this page. Tell us what you got out of the manual, what you did differently after using it, or how you made a difference with the actions you took.

GVI outcomes have revolved around the following solution areas, and we welcome any other solution areas, individual outcomes or actions.

  1. Have a personal mission: be the change
  2. Hire for integrity
  3. Take risks and modernize
  4. Communicate, communicate
  5. Be clear on accountability
  6. Build in participation
  7. Operationalize collaboration
  8. Be a steward of resources
  9. Make diversity practical
  10. Make leadership accessible

You can send text, web links, video or other media – just use the form below.  Contributions must be factual with verified cited external sources to the extent possible.

Thanks for being the change!

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