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GVI Services for Values Alignment

 Management works in the system; leadership works on the system
– Stephen Covey

Global Vision Institute offers paid services to departments, teams and individuals in and around the United Nations and wider global system.  These aim at optimizing the effectiveness of the international system for the expression of its universal values through behaviours, relationships, organizational culture, as well as its processes, programming and policies.

GVI offers:

•   transformational workshops on innovation, creativity and collaboration
•   facilitating system self-reflection using values analysis for capacity development
•   coaching and consulting with country and organizational teams

GVI team members are certified in values alignment methodologies and professional coaching. For more information and initial consultations, contact us at


As in any field, objective data-driven metrics help to establish the nature, scope and contours and of a problem. GVI uses values assessments and analysis based on surveys to ascertain different dimensions of values or culture-related concerns. These tools yield more detailed information, such as the distribution of positive and limiting values or the ratio of personal, team, organizational and societal values at play in an organization. As such, it allows us to better focus on the critical sources of mis-alignment, and what kinds of behavioural changes would be needed to build sustained performance and fulfillment. GVI works with a cadre of professionals and coaches trained in values assessments and analysis.

Coaching & Facilitation

GVI provides an environment where you explore, discover and choose your own questions and answers on issues around values, goals, mission and purpose in the international community. Learn more about GVI Coaching.


GVI seeks to contribute to new thinking in approaches to issues in the international community around the UN. It delves into the facts, dynamics, challenges and opportunities of often complex systems and scenarios on the global stage. It further brings the lens of values-driven frameworks to promote the evolution of awareness around an issue, highlighting the promise of shifts e.g. towards collaboration, inter-dependence, expanded self-interest and the notion of well-being, in traditional debates around development, human rights, gender equality and social justice. We aim to add a voice based on objective data, robust analysis, empirical or on the ground experience, and lucidity.


At GVI, we support a network to bring about systemic transformation through more values-driven behaviours, relationships, processes and policies. We also promote new awareness, thinking and action for specific issues on the UN agenda, through timely and strategic publications and statements. These include conference participation and keynotes, and media coverage, such as the pieces noted here, as well as e-newsletters.


GVI produces publications on substantive issues from a values perspective, and linked to current events on the UN agenda. GVI also solicits and hosts articles by UN system actors, so you can hear your own voice in the conversation.

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