What we do

GVI’s programming is directly related to its objectives, and consists of:

Workshops and Webinars

This entails delivery of paid in-person workshops and free monthly webinars; related values assessments and coaching; and dissemination of the free on-line manual.

It corresponds to the objective “Building awareness, knowledge and skills: To facilitate values-based professional development “

Communications and Dialogues:

GVI publications, networks and resources

GVI communications promote GVI webinars, manual and events; provide platforms for commentary by GVI and collaborators; and fosters dialogue, including hosting follow-up discussion groups among webinar/workshop participants. Our communications media are the bi-monthly electronic newsletters, blogs, posting on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages, and various in-person events.

This fulfills the objective of “Creating and sustaining a network: To provide a space for exchanges among UN and other international organisation staff, diplomats, civil society members, private sector actors and academics”

Evidence Building and Research

This involves knowledge management for building the evidence base incorporating the experiences shared by workshop participants; substantive development of the 10 solutions on “How to co-create a values-driven UN/global system” through research and evidence; and original GVI research and projects.

These activities relate to the objective “Vision, mapping and action development: To collectively develop, and support the implementation of, a comprehensive, actionable vision of a values-based international system”


These core areas of work are further depicted in the schematic below



GVI produces publications on substantive issues from a values perspective, and linked to current events on the UN agenda. GVI also solicits and hosts articles by UN system actors, so you can hear your own voice in the conversation.

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