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I want to see you be “brave”: courage in and around the UN system

There’s a catchy new song from the popular singer Sara Bareilles that has hit the radios recently. Entitled “Brave”, the song goes into detail on the singer’s desire for the listener to “say what they want to say” and “be brave”.


As the lyrics go:


You can be amazing

You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug

You can be the outcast

Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love

or you can start speaking up


Catchy as the song may be, it does leave room for pondering on how inactive we may have been in certain situations in our lives, and makes us wonder how brave we have really been.


It also prompts us to ask if there is any relevance of bravery to the actions of those that work in and around the UN system? Recent criticism is that many are not taking risks for fear of being reprimanded or making an unpopular decision. But with the general scope of work involving the need to be purposeful in our roles, where is the courage to vocalize one’s passion?


It’s indeed normal for many to be afraid of failure, but given that the work of the United Nations is designed to have an impact on the 7 billion citizens that inhabit this plant, wouldn’t those who work in it be obliged to try and try again, in order to achieve the true potential of both their role and their work within the UN?


Nelson Mandela was famous for saying that it was through his greatest failures that he achieved his greatest strengths. But taking risks and preparing for failure takes courage and bravery – above all, it takes confidence and passion. Could this be lacking within the system?


In January and February, we will be exploring this topic and trying to understand how we can indeed be brave and take the initiative to rekindle passion and promote positive and purposeful change in and around the UN system






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