Press release for GVI Free Manual Launch

GVI Announces the Launch of its Free Manual to be a UN change agent


NEW YORK, 11 October 2017 – Global Vision Institute (GVI) is excited to announce the launch of its Free Manual “How to be a UN/global system change agent”, offering the core content of GVI transformational workshops, now made free and accessible to everyone. The manual is tailored for professionals in the UN or international system who want to better align the behaviours, relationships, processes and policies of the system with the UN’s own universal values. The official launch date for the manual is 11 October 2017.

Drawing on research showing the impact of values orientation on the functioning of organizations, GVI believes the manual, through values assessments and coaching, will help users to get clear on the gaps in the global system between reality and espoused values, and take concrete actions individually or collectively to bridge those gaps.

“While we continue to offer paid services for more in-depth metrics and facilitation, we feel that much can be gained by giving everyone the opportunity to benefit.  We recognize that budgets are stretched, and that, at the same time, the need is keener than ever to support a global system that is both clear in its purpose and equipped for the breath-taking pace of change,” explained Ms. Alisa Clarke, who serves on GVI’s board of directors.

Accompanying the manual’s launch is the distribution of GVI’s brochure “How to co-create a values-driven UN/global system?” with10 practical solution areas identified by participants over the years as key in achieving sustained change across the international system. Solutions highlight concrete actions such as operationalizing collaboration, for example data collaboration in hurricane recovery. The actions aim to show the global system’s actors – diplomats, UN staff, NGOs, citizens – as also part of the global solution.


Global Vision Institute is a network, catalyst and think-tank supporting members of the international community since 2003 to live up to the UN’s values – such as peace, justice, solidarity, human dignity and environmental sustainability – and to realize these values in their professional responsibilities, for a global system of greater integrity and effectiveness. See more at



GVI produces publications on substantive issues from a values perspective, and linked to current events on the UN agenda. GVI also solicits and hosts articles by UN system actors, so you can hear your own voice in the conversation.

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