Celebrating GVI 2018, and Impact into the Future

An end-of-year message by GVI President Joe Washington

As 2018 draws to a close amid climate crises, growing divisions, and political uncertainties, how are we wiser than we were in 2017? And what has furthered our purpose, that we can celebrate and take forward into what may be another tumultuous New Year? It turns out, quite a bit!

This was the year when GVI turned its free manual into free webinars on “How to be a UN/global system change agent”. From July to November, over 80 UN staffers and others signed up, and over a dozen dedicated personnel participated, from every region of the world. This was an important validation for us regarding the ongoing perceived need among international professionals for support in systemic values-driven change from the inside out. Follow-up coaching has also paved the way for longer-term impact through new behaviours and commitments.

In 2018, the GVI bi-monthly newsletter explored innovations in peace in a multipolar world.  We heard from people in the field of action on the power of more humane approaches to terrorist profiling, and the indispensable role of local ownership and mediation methods for any sustained peace.  And we learned that what often motivates us comes from our personal stories of loss, and yearning to do better.

Our blogs showcased the growing evidence on applying GVI’s 10 Solutions on “How to co-create a values-driven UN/global system”.  From collaborative methods to hurricane relief, and lessons from the SDGs for participation, to the personal and potentially transformative nature of women’s contributions to peace at every level, we learned that how we work in the international community can matter a lot for the effectiveness of what we do. The popularity of solutions such as “Hire for integrity” on GVI’s social media platforms further underscored the resonance of this concern for how the system works.

Could it be that while globalist, universal, and UN values, and international institutions, are increasingly brought into question, we are contributing to a counter-force buttressing its foundations and reinforcing the enduring relevance of its purpose?

Could it be that while globalist, universal, and UN values, and international institutions, are increasingly brought into question, we are contributing to a counter-force buttressing its foundations and reinforcing the enduring relevance of its purpose? If we do, in whatever small incremental way, we do it with you and through you, the passionate and compassionate global actor and citizen, downloading our manual, interacting with us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, and otherwise joining the cause.

Into the Future: Success and Learning

In the same vein, we also own our learning curve. Many people may sign up for free webinars, but much fewer turn up. And social media activity may not indicate or engender authentic engagement and exchange.  There’s so much left to explore and apply on our 10 Solutions. And resources, even the best-intentioned, can be stretched thin.

Spurred on by the best of our success and learning, we look towards 2019 with excitement! As the debates on divisions intensify, we will bring our special brand of coaching and think-tank to the table with a year-long Dialogue Series on the theme: “If we are all equal, how can I be special? Identity, dignity, and finding a place for everyone in a time of transition”.  Look out for more varied, live, and in-person events, aiming to reach you where you are, to listen and to hear, whether at conferences and town halls, lunches or webinars.

You will also see more focused research and evidence building on the 10 Solutions. And our webinars on “How to be a UN/global system change agent” will be even more geared towards personnel and teams on the ground.  We will aim to connect and grow this community, and partner with other key actors, such as Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, for an ever-widening circle of culture change around integrity, accountability, diversity and more.  We are all part of the global system and we are a vital part of the global solution.

Giving Season

With this inclusive and expansive view in mind, we also reach out to you this Giving Season for your reciprocal support.  Your contribution to GVI’s December fundraising drive will allow us, a 501 (c) 3 registered charitable organization, to cover our operational and administrative costs such as online platforms for webinars.

As an individual, your contribution of $50, $100 or more can ensure programme development into 2019, equipping international professionals with the knowledge and skills to devise strategies and programmes, roll out projects, and manage teams in ways that harness deeply held drive and purpose towards values-aligned, resonant outcomes and impact.

GVI will also increasingly focus on its paid products and services in 2019, ensuring continued programme development.

We welcome all feedback on our work and suggestions on what we can do better to serve you in 2019 and beyond.

Thanks to all the GVI Board Members, Advisors, and volunteers who made 2018 a year of impactful progress and growth.

And to all, a light filled, peace imbued, and Happy New Year! See you soon.




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