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Global Vision Institute is a think-tank and catalyst for creating a universal-values-driven international system. It has been in existence since 2003, with the participation of hundreds of actors from among UN staff, the diplomatic corps, civil society and the private sector.  We believe that rising to the global challenges and potential of our times calls for an effective, adaptive global governance regime based on the mission of the United Nations. This compels holistic transformation of the international system, employing a participatory systems approach to operationalization of the UN’s universal values – peace, justice, equality, human dignity and environmental sustainability.  In transforming the system, citizens worldover more fully co-create and live our shared vision for a peaceful, just world of collective well-being.

Applying data-driven assessments, systems oriented knowledge management and coaching methodologies, we focus on the role of the individual actor in identifying with these values. GVI empowers actors and teams in and around the United Nations to translate values into behaviours, relationships and organizational culture, as well as the processes, programming and policies of the international system.



GVI produces publications on substantive issues from a values perspective, and linked to current events on the UN agenda. GVI also solicits and hosts articles by UN system actors, so you can hear your own voice in the conversation.

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