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The Premise/Promise of Well-Being: Human Rights and the Case for Equality in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, Clarke, Alisa; International Human Rights and Justice, Summer 2016,

Organizational culture, system evolution, and the UN of the twenty-first century, Journal of International Organization Studies, Spring 2013 Vol 4

The Potential of the Human Rights Based Approach for the Evolution of the United Nations as a System Human Rights Review, June 2012, Vol 13, Issue 2

Mainstreaming the “Secret Society” of UN values proponents

State of the Vision – May 2008



Organizational culture, system evolution, and the UN of the Twenty-First Century – podcast with the Academic Council of the UN System

Op-Ed: How Gender Values Point the Way for a More Effective UN

UN Aims at Major Global Conference on Women in 2015


International organizations – catalysts of global well-being: on the occasion of the Third International Assizes on Happiness in Sete, France, September 2012



Malloch-Brown, Mark (2011) The Unfinished Global Revolution – the pursuit of a new international politics. New York, Penguin Press

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Crompton T., and Kasser T. (2009) Meeting Environmental Challenges:The Role of Human Identity. Surrey: WWF-UK Panda House, Godalming 

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Carley, Joni (2010) Wisdom at Work  in Stepping Stones to Success, Tennessee, Insight Publishing

Joy, Leonard (2011)  How Does Societal Transformation Happen?  Quaker Institute for the Future Pamphlet 4

Botham-Edighoffer, Anna (2006)  The New Human Resources Management of the United Nations – A Study of the Reform Process between 1985-2005. Dissertation. Freie Universitat Berlin.

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Schwartz, S.H. (2006)Basic human values: Theory, measurement, and applications. Revue Francaise de Sociologie, 47(4) 249-288

United Nations (2009) Draft Outcome of United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development

United Nations, GA Resolution on UN Internal Justice Mechanisms

United Nations, Millennium Declaration

United Nations, UN Competencies Booklet

Universal Declaration of Human Rights



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