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Transformational Workshops for UN Teams


The UN learns and evolves through its successes and shortcomings, and is increasingly giving recognition to fundamentally embedding its universal values into the vision and work-level functioning of the organization, thus creating a culture that dynamically, effectively and comprehensively fulfils its responsibilities.

The Panel submits the following recommendations for the Secretary-General’s consideration …a) Renew a vision of the United Nations:… briefings on the UN’s principles and values, with an emphasis on how these can be reflected in each staff member’s work…and into training programmes …for all staff.

Report of the Secretary-General’s Internal Review Panel on United Nations Action in Sri Lanka
November 2012


Meeting-OptimizedGVI undertakes values assessments and analysis, and supports shared vision and leadership development, with coaching for alignment to new cultures


Customized to need and availability.  Ideally, following receipt of values assessments, a half-day or weekend session for leaders, two-hour workshops once a week for 4 weeks, thereafter, once every two weeks for 2 months, final values assessment after 6 months; with continuing community online support


A revised vision/values for the unit, notably one more fully inclusive of human rights values; stronger unit cohesion; new behaviours, processes and policies in keeping with new culture targets and objectives aligned to the UN Charter.  New values incorporated into appointments, performance appraisals and job descriptions for all staff.


Number of participants, difference in first and final values assessments


More collaborative leadership; more holistic, collaborative and systems-oriented UN culture, inclusive of the full range of stakeholders; enhanced innovation and accountability; greater sensitivity of staff to human rights responsibilities.

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GVI produces publications on substantive issues from a values perspective, and linked to current events on the UN agenda. GVI also solicits and hosts articles by UN system actors, so you can hear your own voice in the conversation.

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