GVI is pleased to report on how our Photo Contest winners have made a difference.  Lola Lopez, Mohammad Hasan and Paula Francis, who each won $1,000 towards their projects, share with us the impact of their efforts after one year.
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WINNER: Mr. Mohammad Hasan, Bangladesh

REPORT: The effect of climate change in coastline areas of BangladeshDate: 3 November 2015


IMG_9974 BNWI have visited Hatiya and Nijhum Dwip Islands, people from these areas are highly vulnerable due to climate change. Frequent cyclones have made their life miserable. As the sea water level is gradually increasing which is a threat for their livelihood. Most of the people here depend on fishing and agriculture in a small scale. Lack of job opportunities have forced many people to go to cities. Urban cities are also under pressure of huge migrants. I have visited an urban slum in Dhaka which is full of rickshaw pullers who are migrated from Satkhira District which is also a climate prone area in Bangladesh. I have observed that people are fighting with climate change silently. Authority should take more eco-friendly steps to save people from this impending disaster.

IMG_1245 BNWI have spent the grant received from GVI Photo Contest to document further of my project “Salt”. It has helped me traveling those distant and remote areas which are effected by climate change.



WINNER: Ms. Lola Lopez
REPORT: Post conflict reconstruction process in Gaza, through support to UNRWA, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.  
The average UNRWA primary school student has lived through three cycles of renewed military conflict in the past seven years witnessing death, destruction and displacement, and has never left the Gaza Strip, unless perhaps for medical treatment. In response to the situation of ongoing and often severe psychological stress, particularly in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, UNRWA launched a Community Mental Health program me. The programme offers counseling and support and ensures the long-term strategic incorporation of psychosocial wellbeing of Palestine refugees into the Agency’s healthcare package.
Lola Lopez - children in Palestine






WINNER: Ms. Paula Francis, USA
PROJECT: Happiness Walk, Gross National Happiness, USA.  This project is an innovative approach to building awareness on creating expanded measures of progress to increase community wellbeing, in keeping with the United Nations’ initiatives on happiness.  
The Happiness Walkers have traveled an additional 1,473.5 miles from Fredericksburg, VA to New Orleans,LA, for a total of 2,270 miles. A movie trailer on The Walk was made in June by Kingdom County Productions. The trailer is being used to raise funds for a feature-length documentary to spread the vision and mission of GNHUSA. The film will educate people on how expanded measures, when skillfully identified and nurtured, increase the root causes of happiness and provide a meaningful barometer of community success.
A new Happiness Charter has been drafted. This document acknowledges our ethical responsibility to exercise our pursuit of happiness by behaving in ways that are aligned with our national values and our ability to reach our highest human potential while honoring the richness and diversity of our planet.  The Happiness Walk has been granted a two-week residency in Martha’s Vineyard, MA by the Turkey Land Cove Foundation to begin writing a book.






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