What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of structured interaction between  the coach and one or more other persons, to generate and apply knowledge, with a view to positive change in actions and achieving objectives. It involves questioning techniques, tools and exercises to better understand values and approaches and how these impact on actions and outputs. The process supports outcomes for attaining goals that are more fulfilling personally and/or for related organizations.

What does coaching have to do with values in organizations?

While technical and management competencies are the pillars on which an organization’s performance is built, its foundation of values are the driving force for the organization’s existence and the fulfillment of these values are the benchmarks against which its success is ultimately gauged. Values are usually so abstract and personal that awareness can be most effectively raised through processes that operationalize the abstract and personal dimension, thus also advancing concrete change. Coaching provides this framework, through personal and collective work and exercises, as well as promoting commitment to specific changes.

What is the difference between coaching and training?

In training the assumption is that the trainer is an expert who is imparting expert knowledge, and it is usually  a one-off experience, whereas in coaching the facilitator also elicits your  knowledge/experience/expertise on yourself or your organization and is seeking to bring that understanding to your own awareness with the aim of acknowledging positive elements and making changes where needed. Coaching thus promotes greater focus, performance, satisfaction and motivation, and sustained practices of accountability, integrity and other values-related competencies beyond one-off trainings or other events.

What is coaching like?

The facilitator engages you in a conversation or exercises to bring relevant characteristics, experiences and issues to your awareness, draw out realistic approaches to reaching your goals, and supports you in making changes by keeping you committed and accountable in your actions. Group coaching involves more interactive exercises and group-oriented work, interspersed with individual tasks.

What should I expect from coaching at GVI?

GVI provides an environment where you explore, discover and choose your own questions and answers on issues around values, goals, mission and purpose in the international community. We do not necessarily give answers or advice but rather facilitate a process in a non-judgmental fashion. You can work on issues around which there are a number of assumptions and which you may need to challenge. You can be open and creative. You can expect a rewarding growth experience if you feel ready and willing to work towards, and commit to, change.


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